YouMap® Workshop Facilitator Fee
1/2 Day
  • Materials per person $79
YouMap® Workshop Facilitator Fee
Full Day
  • Materials per person $79

Career Workshop

Based on the Amazon #1 best-selling book in Careers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., The YouMap® workshop helps you discover the four pillars of career satisfaction, determine your next best career move, and confidently explain your value in networking conversations, cover letters, your resume, LinkedIn profile and job interviews.


The research behind YouMap® led to uncovering four key factors that influence our ability to live out our potential and maximize our fulfillment and impact. In this half day OR full day workshop, participants will discover their four pillars of satisfaction to identify what they do best that others need most.

Our [work | life] must align to:

1. Our Strengths (natural talents)

· Learn how your strengths impact your work and contribute to increased quality, productivity and engagement

· Understand strengths of others

· Identify characteristics that make you and others successful in their roles

· Learn how to manage your strengths and identify what motivates you

· Identify where your strengths are themed (categories) and why it matters

2. Our Values (what’s most important to us)

· Determine what’s most important to you and if your values are reciprocal and if they are currently being honored.

3. Our Preferred Skills (skills that we’re good and enjoy)

4. Our Personality-based Interests (how we’re wired)

· Discover your “career type” based on your personality and the hallmarks of a good role fit to better manage your career path.

Once participants discover the four pillars of satisfaction, they’ll create a Unique Contribution Statement by distilling their four pillars into a two-sentence value proposition.