I want to look back on my career and be proud
of the work, and be proud that I tried everything.

Jon Stewart

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I can’t thank her enough for being a pleasure to work with and helping me market myself better

I highly recommend Janae’s resume workshop and services for individuals and corporations alike. Janae is highly skilled at dissecting resumes and cover letters, and provides valuable feedback on effective keywords, professional formatting, and ideal brand positioning.

I invited Janae to my company’s inaugural conference to host a resume workshop and teach our demographic of women how to create an inviting LinkedIn profile and professional resume. Janae’s workshop was highly rated by attendees as a session they would attend again.

I personally hired Janae following the conference workshop to look over my resume and cover letter, and she surpassed my expectations. I thought I was a good writer with a winning resume and cover letter until Janae helped me improve both immensely. I can’t thank her enough for being a pleasure to work with and helping me market myself better!


Simply put JNL Career Services will get you results

I’ve used JNL Career Services a number of times throughout my career. Janae is amazing at identifying your skills, understanding your goals and translating it on paper. Her resumes are professional, packed with the right key words, and written to get you noticed by recruiters. Simply put JNL Career Services will get you results!


Janae was instrumental and hands on in helping me develop my first resume

Janae was instrumental and hands on in helping me develop my first resume. Over the course of my life I have only had two jobs…I did not think I had any information to use to prepare a resume for the program I was applying for, which was for the NFLPA Business and Entrepreneur Program at Notre Dame.. However, because of Janae’s extensive knowledge and hands on approach we were able to use my community service events and appearances to help highlight who I was as a person. Janae helped me to create a resume that was well received and allowed the opportunity to be selected for the previously mentioned program.



Janae is very professional and works in a timely manner. She was creative and detailed in creating my resume, and she created my first official resume that I can use for many years to come. I believe that my resume and cover letter helped me secure a coaching internship which then led to my eventual NFL coaching job.”


I realized my dream!

Working with JNL career services gave me the confidence to approach my job search with intention and purpose. Janae helped me to create a resume I could be proud of, and to walk into interviews fully prepared and determined to secure the job.



As a recent college graduate entering the job market is overwhelming. The idea of filling out applications and sending resumes out to hundreds of companies seems like a never ending task. After consulting with Janae at JNL career services my job search became so much easier. The process she uses to gather personal, educational and professional background information is simple. Once I started the process Janae completed my resume, cover letter and gave a list of hiring companies in my area within one weeks’ time. Her professionalism and industry knowledge really impressed me. I believe her background in recruiting gives her invaluable insight into the hiring process for employers. That insight is the very reason she has the ability to create material that will set you apart from other applicants. I recommend JNL Career Services to all my friends, family members and classmates.