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Resume Creation/Editing

Student/ Entry Level   (0-4 Years Work History)                                                $200[wp_cart_button name="Entry-Level Resume" price="200.00"]

Standard/ Professional Mid-Career (5 or More Years of Work History)        $250[wp_cart_button name="Standard Resume" price="250.00"]

Information Technology                                                                                    $250[wp_cart_button name="IT Resume" price="250.00"]

Career Change                                                                                                    $250[wp_cart_button name="Career Change Resume" price="250.00"]

Executive (Senior and C-Level Management Professionals, CEO)                  $300[wp_cart_button name="Executive Resume" price="300.00"]

Update Existing Resume on File                                                                          $50[wp_cart_button name="Resume Update" price="50.00"]

RUSH Next Day Service                                                                                        $25[wp_cart_button name="Rush" price="25.00"]


Cover Letters

Targeted Cover Letter                                                                                          $100[wp_cart_button name="Cover Letter" price="100.00"]

Post Interview Thank You Letter                                                                         $30[wp_cart_button name="Thank You Letter" price="30.00"]


LinkedIn Profile

Student/ Entry Level   (0-4 Years Work History)                                                $125[wp_cart_button name="Entry Level LinkedIn" price="125.00"]

Standard/ Professional Mid-Career (5 or More Years of Work History)        $150[wp_cart_button name="Standard LinkedIn" price="150.00"]


Interview Preparation

1-Hour Mock Interview and Consultation                                                         $100[wp_cart_button name="Interview Prep" price="100.00"]



Standard Resume and Cover Letter                                                                  $300[wp_cart_button name="Standard Package" price="300.00"]

Standard Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Cover Letter                                    $325[wp_cart_button name="Premium Package" price="325.00"]


Mailing Services

10 Original Laser Prints on White 32lb 100% Cotton Paper                             $15[wp_cart_button name="Mailing" price="15.00"]


Talent Acquisition for Corporate Partners

Each Direct Hire Fee is based upon a percentage of the first year’s annual salary, up to a maximum percentage of twenty percent (20%). For example:


$45,000                 20%        $9,000

$60,000                 20%        $12,000

$80,000                 20%        $16,000

$100,000               20%        $20,000


Notice to Clients about Resume/Cover Letter Services

The finished product is sent to you via email in Microsoft Word and also in PDF format in order preserve formatting.  All prices are based on a 1-2 page resume unless otherwise noted.